SOPRO S-FLEX – Highly Elastic Gel Tile Adhesive- Grey (22.5kg)

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From: € 23.99 incl. VAT (Irish VAT 23%)

Highly elastic, cementitious, thin-layer adhesive mortar in hydrogel technology for gluing and fixing floor and wall ceramic, concrete and natural cladding. For use in residential, service, industrial, wet and humid areas, operating rooms, heated floors and walls, and outdoors, balconies, terraces, stairs and facades.

  • Area coverage per bag  up to 5sqm
  • Bags on full pallet 48
  • Bag size 22.5 kg
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Properly selected mineral additives and organic hydrogel used in the S-Flex adhesive affect increased water retention in the mortar and optimal conditions for its setting and hardening, ensuring high technical parameters of the adhesive. 

The modern hydrogel technology used also affects the provision of very good working parameters. The adhesive has a plastic consistency, is easy to apply, the mortar perfectly sticks to the trowel and spreads easily.

  • C2: increased adhesion ≥ 1 N/mm2
  • T: High vertical stability due to fiber reinforcement
  • E: long open drying time ≥ 30 minutes
  • Use time: Approx. 6 hours
  • Possibility of walking / grouting after just 24 hours
  • Very good contact adhesion
  • Good properties and operating parameters
  • Increased efficiency up to 25% 1)
  • For large formats
  • Indoors and outdoors, on walls and floors (also heated)